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Invoice Design

With OctoCloud's functional invoice module, follow up your invoices by generating printouts.

You can save your domestic sales, foreign sales, purchase, return from domestic sales, return from foreign sales, return from purchase and expense invoices, and design your invoice printout according to the invoice template you use.

You can add stock and service costs to your invoices and generate installments for the invoice you created by hand or bank.

You can close the invoice in more than one form of payment option by making closed invoice definitions, you can see price statistics for the products on the invoice, you can calculate profit and loss.

You can enter SCT, SCT, withholding rates, or you can use special discount to your customers or certain stocks if you wish.

You can create a voucher list through the invoice, send an e-mail with the invoice details to the corresponding client and send information via sms.

You can transfer items from Excel or Open Office into the invoice. If you wish, you can copy between two different companies, receive profit and loss reports based on invoices, and print your invoices in bulk.

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