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What is OctoCloud Stock Feature

Stock Feature | AKINSOFT OctoCloud Features


With the OctoCloud stock module, you can manage all stock movements as you wish.

You can define an unlimited number of stock cards and create categories for your defined stocks as group, mid group and sub group.

You can make adjustments to your stock cards by specifying VAT, SCT and SCT percentage.

By defining an unlimited number of units, you can check the balance of your stocks over the units you specify, and you can prevent them from falling below or exceeding the defined limit by specifying stock safety limits.

With the related adjustments, you can prevent the sale of your stocks with negative balance, and you can follow up the current inventory status.

You can process inventory by stocktaking, print labels on your stocks, define the services you provide, receive service reports, print labels on packages by creating package definitions, manually pull the package price if you wish, or automatically derive the inventory prices.

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