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What is OctoCloud Bulk Transfer Feature Feature

Bulk Transfer Feature | AKINSOFT OctoCloud Features

Bulk Transfer Feature

OctoCloud program offers you a bulk transfer feature. With this feature, you can easily transfer your existing data to the program when you are just starting the program.

You can transfer personal/legal information such as name-surname, e-mail address, contact information, address, etc. to the system in bulk. You can also include information such as bank information, tax information, the payment method you work with. You can easily make the system ready by providing the transfer of your last receivable and debt total. By transferring this data to excel, open office, libre office etc. programs, you can import it in bulk instead of dealing with it one by one. In addition, you can also export all the specified information from your program. You can also import and export data such as product price information, purchase and sale prices for products to and from the program. Thus, you can both save time and prevent errors arising from manual transfer.

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