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What is OctoCloud Cash Feature

Cash Feature | AKINSOFT OctoCloud Features


The cash book is necessary for the business to be able to review its receipts and payments. This system has been digitized with OctoCloud. The cash module in OctoCloud allows you to easily view all your cash movements related to your business. You can add your income and expenses to the program independently of each other. You can categorize different transactions with the categories you will define for cash transactions. In addition, you will ensure that your business accounts are organized with the reports you will make about your cash movements. You may have more than one cash register in your business. You can define all your cash registers you use with the cash module. With the user-based authorization you will make in your safes, you can set the transaction levels of the users and keep the privacy control in your hands.

With the cash transfer feature, which is another feature, you can transfer money between your cash registers.

By receiving daily and general cash reports, you can view the current cash amount in your safe and make detailed reporting.

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