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What is OctoCloud Invoice Design Feature

Invoice Design Feature | AKINSOFT OctoCloud Features

Invoice Design

You can easily design the design of the invoice you want to use with OctoCloud invoice design module. OctoCloud offers the advantage of a functional invoice module. With the invoice module, you can follow your invoices as you wish by issuing either printed or e-Invoice & e-Archive invoices.

You can save your domestic sales invoices, international sales invoices, purchase invoices, return invoices from domestic sales, return invoices from international sales, return invoices from purchase and expense invoices. You can design your invoice design according to the invoice you use.

You can easily add stock and service charges to your invoices. You can also pay the invoice you have created in installments by hand or from the bank.

You can close the invoice with more than one payment method by making closed invoice definitions. You can get price statistics for the products on the invoice while on the invoice.

You can enter rates such as excise tax, excise duty and tax credits. If you wish, you can use special discounts for your customers or certain stocks.

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