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What is OctoCloud B2B Feature

B2B Feature | AKINSOFT OctoCloud Features

B2B Customer Information Portal

No more sending individual account statements with the OctoCloud B2B Customer Portal.

All of the transactions you carry out with the companies you work with can be made in the form of an open account, based on payment, without advance payment. With our new B2B solution, the companies you work with can log in through the OctoCloud panel to view and track their balances, current transactions, account statements, invoices and orders.

Client Order Report

Your dealers can list the order details by taking reports all the orders they have placed in the past.

Client Invoice Report

Take reports of past invoices by listing the date and number of units of the product.

Client Account Statement

All client transactions registered in your accounting program can be viewed on the basis of the client account entered.

Client Payment Report

You can view all payments made with all details such as date, time, and amount.

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