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What is OctoCloud Offer Order Feature

Offer Order Feature | AKINSOFT OctoCloud Features

Offer - Order

You can evaluate the offers and orders you receive from your customers and suppliers with the most appropriate time and cost.

You can save your domestic given, domestic received, foreign given, and foreign received offers, you can block the products you add to the offer for your customer or track the deadlines for your given offers.

When the offer expires, you can reduce the block and deadlines for your pending offers and transfer your offers individually or collectively to invoices and delivery notes.

You can record your orders domestic received, foreign received , domestic given and foreign given, you can create any number of order status definitions for your orders, assign a warning system for status definitions, and authorize them.

You can keep the stocks you have added to the received order in the block and the stocks you have added to the given order in the term.

You can transfer your orders individually or in bulk to the delivery note and invoice.

You can track the missing deliveries and over-deliveries, you can save your decreasing stocks in the warehouse and transfer them to the given order by using the purchase request screen.

You can report the stock order list and all your registered orders and get client and stock based order reports.

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