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What is OctoCloud Client Feature

Client Feature | AKINSOFT OctoCloud Features


OctoCloud allows you to easily complete your current transactions on a single screen.

You can make new person-firm records from the Contacts-Firms area. You can define account, maturity and service information for the records you create. In this way, province and country information will come automatically.

You can define payments made and collections received in different transaction types. Some of these are cash, pos, credit card and accrual transactions. You can print your collection and payment receipts through the system.

You can make transfers between your current cards.

You can prevent sales in case of exceeding the limit specified by the credit limits you set for your current cards.

You can define a foreign currency account for foreign currency transactions. You can print detailed statements for your current accounts by getting current transaction report and detailed transaction reports.

You can add special notes for individuals and companies. In addition, you can send bulk SMS and e-mails.

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