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What is OctoCloud Financial Status Report Feature

Financial Status Report | AKINSOFT OctoCloud Features

Financial Status Report

When you enter the OctoCloud program, the analysis screen welcomes you.

This screen consists of areas with current news headlines from Turkey and the world, financial statistics, mission statistics and sales analysis for the last 30 days.

You can access statistics in general with the analysis screen that welcomes you at the opening of the program. You can easily check your financial analysis on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis from the statistics area.

With the financial status report, reporting will be extremely easy as the appropriations, resources and all income and expense items will be recorded.

Within the scope of the data you have entered, you can access your sales graph for the last 30 days and the status of your sales graphs in the fiscal year from the same screen.

With OctoCloud, you can get a financial status report and view the flow of transactions and financial status of the relevant accounting period accurately and completely.

In the profile settings area, you can turn the statistics, 30-day sales graph, fiscal year sales graph and task statistics screens off or on. You can change your news source.

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