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What is OctoCloud Category Management Feature

Category Management Feature | AKINSOFT OctoCloud Features

Category Management

With OctoCloud category management, you can track the inventory and sales processes of your products. You can make promotions and pricing according to the demand and profitability of your sales.

OctoCloud categories are classified into product/service, person/company, cash transaction, sales invoice, proforma invoice and expense invoice categories. You can make main category additions by selecting from the relevant categories.

While making main category definitions, you can decide which subcategories will be included in the relevant group. You can make subcategory definitions within this framework. You can report by filtering the subcategory and the products in it.

You can also add an extra subcategory under the subcategory you have defined.

You can track sales-based turnover and have information about the instant situation.

In line with the information you report, you can check the effectiveness of the applications and increase your profitability in the sector.

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