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What is OctoCloud Bank Feature

Bank Feature | AKINSOFT OctoCloud Features


Another feature of OctoCloud is the convenience it offers you in your bank transactions. With the Bank module, you can save all the banks you have worked with in your program. You can define your main and sub accounts in banks. You can also create your POS, credit card and check-bill definitions.

You can track your actual payments with the provision report you will receive. You can track provision deductions for different installments by specifying the number of installments for Pos identification. You can make definitions for maturity difference applications. You can keep your accounts under control with the transfer transactions between banks and cash registers. You can easily follow your credit card statements in the same way. As you can process your statements manually, you can also transfer them to the system automatically with "bank integration", and you can ensure that they are processed automatically by matching them with current accounts.

Bank balances are offered to you so that you can see how much amount you have in which bank with a single click. You can see the general totals of all the definitions you have made in the bank definitions area in the bank balances area.

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